Swapnil Nahar

While working in the IT field, Swapnil Nahar has been promoting the Ganesh festival of Pune to the world by means of the website for the last 13 years. He has also studied various books related to this topic, visited the Mandals and personally experienced the Ganesh festival to collect all the information that is presented in a very creative and unique way in this book titled ‘Punyache Sukhakarta’. He runs the ‘Save Heritage’ movement in pune.

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Pune Ganesh Festival

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Pune city and Ganesh festival are connected to each other by an unbreakable bond. The festival in Pune is blessed with the guidance of Lokmanya Tilak. A unique mix of religion, heritage and social bonding is seen during the festival times. The book gives information about the top five ‘Manache’ respected Ganesh Mandals, various popular Mandals around the city and their unique Ganesh idols. This Pune Ganesh Festival book is written by Swapnil Nahar, Suprasad Puranik.