Portuguese Bells in Hindu Temples

     Chimaji Appa, the younger brother of Bajirao Peshwa started the famous campaign of Bassein(Vasai) in March 1737, and it ended in victory for the Marathas after 26 months, on 12 May 1739, when they captured the seemingly unconquerable fort of Bassein. During this time the Marathas confiscated huge bells from the Portuguese churches. They were mesmerized by the huge size and melodious sound of these bells. Later, the Marathas offered these bells to the temples of their favourite deities, as war trophies.
     These bells are the victory symbols of the campaign of Bassein, something that every Maharashtrian can be proud of. This book tells you about these bells from the Portuguese churches, their size, their melodious sound, and how they were different from the locally made bells in the Hindu temples. This book is a sincere attempt to correct the neglect of these war trophies…

Author: Mahesh Tendulkar
Publication: 27.07.2021
Price: 200/- Rupees
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ISBN: 978-81-952924-2-4