Bajirao-I An Outstanding Cavalry General

     Ever since he donned the robes of Peshwa in 1720 at the young age of twenty, Bajirao I set about creating a force amongst the simple, cheerful and vigorous Marathas around him. He brought life into Maratha army by leading his troops personally in battle. Bajirao brought about a major change in the psyche of his mounted troops.
     He was constantly on the move with his army. He never spent long periods of inaction at Pune. With his ability to ride long distances with his troops, he reached Delhi despite the route being barred by the armies of two powerful Moghul sirdars. He created such fear in the mind of the emperor that latter made preparations to leave Delhi.
     Unfortunately, he passed away at the young age of Forty. It is a pity that India has not produced a cavalry general of his caliber since then.

Author: Colonel R. D. Palsokar
Publication: 22.10.2020
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